Стрип-клуб Офис (Office)

Адрес: Одесса, , улица Греческая 25
пн-вс: 21:00-06:00


NSuvorov 29 ноября 2017, 16:44 #
Считаю себя знатоком таких заведения, так что скажу, что этот клуб — на высоте! Девушки красивые, талантливые, умеют себя вести, официанты приятные, цены не кусаются, обстановка располагает расслабиться. Очень советую!
miron 04 августа 2017, 13:29 #
Рекомендую 5+)) Гуляли мальчишник, провожали друга в дальний супружеский путь) Это было настоящее шоу как для жениха и для нас, девушки в костюмах невест, приватные танцы, бонусы по алкоголю, отличный персонал т.е. хорошее обслуживание, все улыбчивые, в целом приятно отдыхать в таком месте именно так! Спасибо заведению "офис")
giorgiktkach 14 июля 2017, 16:07 #
Had loads of fun on a recent night out in Odessa. Went with some friends, male and female, to a club called The Office. Was a bit unsure about how the girls would take to going to a mens club and was surprised how many women guests there were. After a few drinks and watching the show, we progressed to drinking Sexy Tequilas. This is a drink with a difference! Imagine a almost naked girl laid out on the bar, a shot of tequila in her crotch, salt on her nipples and a wedge of lime in the lips. That's what we had to contend with! It's a hard life, somebody's got to do it. Great night!!
valerchikkuh 22 мая 2017, 19:33 #
If you are in Odessa and want a great night out then you won't do any better than head to a club called The Office in the center of town. There is a really good atmosphere, the staff are very friendly and there are lots of beautiful girls. Most speak English and love to have a chat, a drink and have some fun. They have most of the western branded drinks are it's not expensive. Overall, a fun night out.
Anatoliygrec 03 мая 2017, 19:13 #
Was visiting Odessa after a short stay in Kiev and I must say, I much prefer Odessa. Had a fantastic night out at The Office. Nice interior and very friendly staff. Cheap drinks and lots of girls who will entertain you for as long as you like. Well, I left at 6am ). They had a funny crazy menu which encompasses all kinds of entertainment and you can't fail to have fun in this place!
jackjosephs21 17 сентября 2016, 22:29 #
Best nightclub in Odessa. Good music, you can also request your favourite tunes from the resident DJs. Prices cheap, plenty of fun. Girls are friendly, no pressure at all unlike some other Odessa clubs, and very attractive. Non-stop dancing and show program. Good service and staff all helpful. I've been with a group of guys and girls as well as on my own and always had a great night. I can not think of anything negative to say about this place. I've been on many nights out in Odessa and this is the best place to go by far. Plenty of female guests too. They have a Crazy Menu that has loads of options to make for an unforgettable time. If you are heading to Odessa then definitely go to the Office.
Igorgor2016 17 сентября 2016, 22:26 #
Давно я так не отдыхал. Приват танец стриптиз всего 400 гривен. Обслуживание на высшем уровне, цены очень демократичные. Танцовщицы все симпатичные, только пару крокодилов, но очень много хорошеньких, все худые. Отличная атмосфера, весело. Нет тейбл дэнса, это только плюс, не люблю когда навязываются и просят чаевые. Все девочки вежливые и главное веселые - вообщем не скучно. Советую всем!
fedya1973 01 апреля 2016, 23:14 #
Отличная атмосфера. Отличные девчонки. Отличное обслуживание. Отличные цены! Все просто супер было, мы остались довольны. Спасибо большое за хороший вечер и настроение! http://office-club.com.ua
nick1978 22 марта 2016, 00:18 #
I went to the Office Mens Club whilst I was in Odessa in February. They had a number of special party nights with different themes. The ones I went to were great with lots of entertainment, beautiful girls and fun Crazy Menu that has lots of choice for varying activities. It is definitely the best strip club in Odessa and one of the best ones I've to in Europe. I heartily recommend it if you're in Odessa! Have fun!!! http://office-club.com.ua
tomtkb 25 января 2016, 19:30 #
I went to Office Men’s Club for a party with a group of friends. We enjoyed the delights of the main room with beautiful girls performing various dances and show program and then went to the Karaoke area, which was great as it was private and so we could sing without getting too embarrassed! A couple of the Office girls came with us and were great fun and we had a real laugh with them. The cost was very reasonable and whether we were watching the girls’ dance or singing our hearts out in the karaoke area, we had a great time! So much fun! Don’t miss it for a night out if you are staying over in Odessa.

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